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Proposed bills

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Bill Title Sponsor LI's position Status Votes Actions
Distracted Driver Amendments

This bill would criminalize the holding of a cell phone while operating a vehicle.

Libertas opposes this bill. Criminally punishing the mere holding of a phone is unnecessarily excessive and a significant over-criminalization of an activity that is not inherently dangerous.

Moss, C.OpposeIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor
Massage Therapy Practice Act Amendments

This bill would exempt bowenwork, zone therapy, and reflexology from the massage therapy licensure requirements.

Libertas supports this bill. These practitioners should not be required to study and become licensed for a type of work they do not wish to perform; they should be free to pursue their vocation without this licensure burden.

Roberts, M.SupportIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor
Remote Notarization Standards

This bill would allow you to get documents notarized electronically by interacting with a notary public via video chat rather than in person.

Libertas supports this bill. The need for identification verification can be satisfied using technology and eliminate the burden of having to travel in person to find a notary.

Hall, C.SupportIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor
Electronic Information or Data Privacy

This bill would ensure that you retain a privacy interest in the digital data that you transmit through or store with a third party, and require law enforcement to obtain a warrant in order to gain access.

Libertas supports this bill. It is effectively impossible to operate digitally without utilizing third party providers, and doing so does not diminish our privacy interest in the data we are sharing.

Hall, C.SupportIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor
Government Enterprise Amendments

This bill requires that local municipalities and counties commission a market impact study prior to approving a new government enterprise tied to recreation or entertainment. This study will include finding and notifying private companies in the state that could provide the service instead.

Libertas supports this bill. Government should maintain a level playing field for private industry—not compete with it.

Robertson, A.SupportIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor
Legal Notice Amendments

This bill improves the legal notice process in cases where the person serving notice already knows where the other individual is located. It also ensures fair pricing for placing notices in the newspaper.

Libertas supports this bill. Legal notices shouldn't have to be publicly advertised if the entity doing the noticing knows precisely where to find and communicate with the person to be noticed.

Coleman, K.SupportIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor
Safe Storage of Firearms Amendments

This bill would create a criminal penalty for gun owners who do not securely store their firearms in the home so minors may not access them.

Libertas opposes this bill. There are many cases when minors have successfully used firearms in self defense to repel home invaders. Responsible education is key, but it is improper to criminally punish parents whose responsible children understand how and when to use a family firearm in defense.

Weight, E.OpposeIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor
Occupational Licensing Modifications

This bill enables those with a past criminal conviction to seek clarity from the state as to whether their criminal past will frustrate their effort to seek an occupational license.

Libertas supports this bill as it is one step closer to providing better economic opportunities for those with past criminal convictions.

Hutchings, E.SupportIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor
Weapons Restrictions Amendments

This bill protects the right of an intoxicated person to carry firearms under certain circumstances.

Libertas supports this bill. Intoxication should not prevent a person from being able to legally carry and use a firearm in self defense or on their own property. This bill helps restore some common sense to Utah law.

Thurston, N.SupportIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor
Autonomous Vehicle Regulations

This bill sets up the legal infrastructure for autonomous vehicles to be able to operate on Utah's roadways.

Libertas supports this bill. This is an important step in the direction of freeing up the market for future technologies that can save lives, increase efficiency, and expand economic opportunity in Utah.

Spendlove, R.SupportIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor
Private Counselors in [Rural] Counties

This bill would ensure that licensed mental health therapists aren't required to obtain additional licenses in order to provide services to those in prison or jail, those ordered by a court to obtain services, or any individual who lives in a rural county.

Libertas supports this bill, because it reduces regulatory barriers that stand in the way between practitioner and patient.

Watkins, C.SupportIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor
Medical Cannabis Modifications

This bill would allow those with an autoimmune disorder to qualify to receive medical cannabis.

Libertas supports this bill. This provision was in Prop 2 and was unfortunately set aside in the negotiated bill that followed, so restoring it is an important step in the right direction for many patients who stand to benefit.

Judkins, M.SupportIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor
Self-defense Amendments

This bill protects a person's right to defend themselves using force even if safety could be achieved by retreating.

Libertas supports this bill. The right to defensive use of force to deter a threat should not be overridden merely because a judge or jury feels that a safer option may have been available. This bill helps clarify and protect the right to repel force.

Maloy, A.C.SupportIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor
End of Life Prescription Provisions

This bill allows a terminal patient to legally access a life-ending drug in limited circumstances.

Libertas supports this bill. Individuals have the right to control their own bodies, and current drug policy unfortunately prohibits more humane life-ending options than gruesome alternatives that some people elect to utilize. Increased freedom—albeit highly regulated in this instance in order to mitigate any abuse or problems—is a generally beneficial thing in order to protect a patient's medical autonomy.

Dailey-Provost, J.SupportIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor
Tangible Personal Property Amendments

This bill would exempt all property that a business has already paid a sales tax on from the annual property tax on business supplies. This would save businesses approximately $70 million in taxes every year, while reducing the onerous burdens of reporting and audits.

Libertas supports this bill. Instead of counting up tables and chairs, businesses should be allowed to focus on delivering the best product or service for their customers.

McCay, D.SupportIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor
Domestic Violence Revisions

This bill adds aggravated animal abuse to the list of offenses that can be charged as domestic violence.

Libertas opposes this bill. Current law allows for people to be wrongly charged with domestic violence for damaging jointly owned property. We have supported efforts to narrow this law; expanding the list is problematic.

Christensen, A.OpposeIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor
Food Truck License Amendments

This bill eliminates redundant, duplicative business licenses that food truck owners are currently required to obtain.

Libertas supports this bill. Obtaining and maintaining multiple licenses and permits serves no valid public purpose. The public is not safer because of it, and it just creates redundant work requirements for city bureaucrats throughout the state.

Henderson, D.SupportIntroducedEmail your Senator/RepEmail the bill sponsor

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