Libertas Institute (pronounced lih-bear-tuss) derives its name from the Roman goddess of liberty, who has long been incorporated into symbols and statues throughout American history.

Our Vision

Libertas Institute envisions a day when individuals, families, and communities throughout Utah champion the principles of liberty and the voluntary creation of a moral society by persuasion and example to improve our great state. That day will come, we believe, when individual liberty is stubbornly secured, private property is rigidly respected, and a market free from regulatory burdens and government interventions flourishes within Utah.

Our Mission

Libertas Institute advances the cause of liberty in Utah using a holistic approach that includes accountability for elected officials, liberty-based legislation, strategic litigation, and effective and widespread education.

Our Benefits

The Institute’s vision will be for nothing if no results are achieved. We aim to persuade the public dialogue and public policy such that sufficient political will is generated to substantially reduce taxes, eliminate regulations, repeal code found to be inimical to individual liberty, and lift regulatory burdens from the market. Individuals, associations, and corporations all stand to benefit from the Institute’s efforts.