About Libertas

Libertas Institute (pronounced lih-bear-tuss) derives its name from the Roman goddess of liberty, who has long been incorporated into symbols and statues throughout American history.

Our Mission

Libertas Institute clears the path of opportunity for each Utahn by removing obstacles that limit freedom.

Our Vision

We envision a legal system that protects each person’s pursuit of happiness not just in word, but in deed. A society governed by such a system will embrace personal responsibility, use persuasion rather than force to achieve important goals, and understand the importance of free markets, property rights, personal freedom, justice and due process, and a limited and open government.

Our Benefits

Libertas Institute is effective; 77% of our proposals are successfully enacted into law. By using strategy and persuasive communication to inform the public and educate elected officials, we help generate the political will to reduce taxes, repeal unnecessary laws, and eliminate regulatory burdens that put obstacles in the path of hard-working Utahns.

Our Organization

Founded in 2011, Libertas Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization not associated with any political party or partisan effort. We collaborate with a diverse group of organizations and allies to create a freer Utah, effecting change through legal research, public advocacy and advertising, lawsuits against the government, events, publications, and more.

Our Principles

  • Free Market: Entrepreneurs and employees have the right to fairly compete in a market free from unnecessary regulations, protectionism, or special favors.
  • Property Rights: An individual’s right to own and peaceably use property is a foundational principle of a prosperous society that must not be violated.
  • Personal Freedom: Each person must be free to act as they please provided they do not harm or burden others as a consequence of their choices.
  • Justice and Due Process: Fairness, equal treatment under the law, and a presumption of innocence are essential characteristics of a legitimate and just government.
  • Limited and Open Government: Effective public oversight comes from transparency and proper justification for government action and expenditures.

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