Property Rights

Weber County Bans So-Called “Light Trespassing”

Residents in one county in Utah are now expected to buy lights that don't cause "light trespassing."

Personal Freedom

Why are CBD permit holders not renewing?

Dozens of families hoping to stop their child's seizures with CBD have decide not to continue participating in the program. But why?

Justice and Due Process

Government-owned businesses shouldn’t be above the law

If private businesses are held legally accountable to the public, why isn't government?


The Graveyard of Bad Policy Ideas

Beware the graveyard of bad policy ideas. Just when they seem to be defeated once and for all, they rise up from the grave again. We affectionately call these policy ideas “zombies.”


Excusing Absences: Do Parents Need a Reason?

The Alpine School District offers a great example for how public schools can respect the right of parents to excuse their child's absences.


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