Personal Freedom

Problematic Permitting Is More Than Just Annoying

When the permitting process is too complicated, too expensive, or takes too long to accomplish, it's more than just a headache—it can be downright dangerous.


Are K9 units a necessity for police?

K9 reform is needed in utah police departments.

Justice and Due Process

Michigan Brings Digital Privacy Into the 21st Century

Michigan is the latest state to join the effort to bring digital privacy protections in the 21st Century.

Free Market

Utah Will Reap the Benefits of Embracing the Gig Economy

When thinking about the future of work, it is important to consider how the shifting dynamics of the work environment will impact the way Utahns interact with one another.

Justice and Due Process

Should Home Invasions for Drugs Continue?

Breonna Taylor died needlessly, as did Matthew Stewart. It's past time to stop invading homes over drug enforcement.