Property Rights

Utah needs more affordable housing, less zoning

As Utah economy continues to grow, the housing market remains stagnant. The reason why is not what you might expect.

Personal Freedom

Illegal CBD Oil is Saturating Utah

Stores around the Beehive State are selling CBD oil, telling customers that the products are legal. They're not.

Justice and Due Process

Enter to Learn, But Leave Your Rights at the Door

Because police officers are increasingly being used in school settings, parents—and the broader public—should be informed as to how and when they are questioning or disciplining young students.

Free Market

Want to save money on your water bill? Not so fast!

For as long as anyone can remember, Utah has either had a shortage of water or has been in danger of having one. This comes as no surprise considering Utah’s arid climate. Periodically a public conservation campaign, funded by your tax dollars, will run in a...


What are your rights on government property that you helped pay for?

Your right to exercise speech, especially on property you help pay for, is too important to leave to the uninformed discretion of local government officials.


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