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The legislative session soon begins…

Each year we read each of the 800+ bills that are proposed and curate a list of the best and worst for you to track and help influence.


The case for health care price transparency and beyond

Everything we buy has a price tag on it, except one of the most important things: health care services. Here's why—and how—that needs to change.

Personal Freedom

The Front License Plate: Just Drill Some Holes in Your Bumper!

If you don't have a spot for a front license plate, watch out! You might just get ticketed.


Roadside traffic stop or fishing expedition?

The standard for conducting a roadside stop should be raised to prevent unintended biases in policing.


Mercy for First Time .05 BAC Offenders

First-time DUI offenders guilty of the new .05 BAC law should be given a lighter punishment as a second chance.


Don’t forget tax reform for small businesses

A pioneer-era tax that's still on the books requires business owners to count up their property each year and pay a tax on it. It's time to repeal it.


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