Personal Freedom

When Gun Owners Become Felons in Utah

In Utah, you're an automatic felon if you are a lawful gun owner who decides to use an illegal drug. That needs to change.

Property Rights

One Man’s Livestock is Another Man’s Pet

If a pig doesn't cause more potential inconvenience to neighbors than a dog, why shouldn't someone be able to keep one?


Let’s make Utah the ‘Sandbox State’

To unleash the bounds of human ingenuity and make Utah the home for the world’s best, brightest, and most innovative minds. It’s time to turn the Beehive State into the Sandbox State.


Is THC vaping the new Typhoid Mary?

As a people, we scare easily. But THC is medicine for many in Utah, and the vaping method of administration is essential. Further, we’re on the cusp of launching a new medical cannabis industry in Utah—one that will be highly regulated, with THC products...


Private DNA should stay out of the government’s hands

Utah lawmakers will be presented a simple question in January: should police officers be able to go on fishing expeditions in privately owned or crowd-sourced DNA databases?


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