Justice and Due Process

Should Home Invasions for Drugs Continue?

Breonna Taylor died needlessly, as did Matthew Stewart. It's past time to stop invading homes over drug enforcement.


‘Sandbox’ Everything

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of having the ability to adapt in the face of rapidly evolving events and public needs. Unfortunately, the crisis has illustrated how inept many government institutions are in this regard.


Justice for Breonna Taylor looks a lot like policy change

The next policy steps require proper judicial review for warrants and banning most forcible entries.


Procrastination as rejection in the permitting process

With no deadline by which a permit decision has to be made, issuing entities can indefinitely postpone consideration of an application, effectively denying it.


Davis County program helps police and the mentally ill

Davis county has implemented a new approach toward helping those with mental health and drug addiction problems.