Free Market

The Need for a New Special Needs Opportunity Scholarship

We've been working with a coalition of different Utah organizations to develop a corporate tax credit that could be used to fund a new scholarship program for special needs students.


A Constitution Day reminder: Don’t let government take your stuff

Let's honor the Constitution by stopping the government from taking property from innocent people.

Personal Freedom

A Rebuttal to the LDS Church, Utah Medical Association, and Drug Safe Utah

The Beehive, a newly launched online newsletter, recently sent questions to various parties interested in Prop 2, including Libertas. The following rebuttal addresses answers provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Utah Medical...

Justice and Due Process

What’s Happening with Plea Deals?

The following op-ed was published by the Salt Lake Tribune this week. “We the jury find the defendant guilty!” It’s a line you may have heard before as a dramatic case closing in a TV show or movie — but you probably haven’t heard it in real life, even if you...

Free Market

Can the Blockchain Benefit the Beehive State?

Other state governments are moving forward with blockchain technology. Why not Utah?


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