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The Legislative Session is Over

We ranked the most important votes from the recent legislative session to show you how your Representative and Senator scored.

Policy Analysis

Protecting Your Digital Data from Warrantless Searches

Our privacy interest in digital data stored with or created by a third party must be protected from warrantless searches.


Car sharing shouldn’t be criminalized at the airport

Salt Lake City and the Airport are criminalizing Utahns who share their vehicle using Turo.

Free Market

Didn’t We Leave Prohibition Behind?

Earlier this week the Deseret News published an op-ed from the Sutherland Institute advocating some rather odd policies with regards to alcohol. Clothed in a cloak of “compromise” were the following proposals: Allow grocery stores to sell beer...

Policy Analysis

Phasing Out the Annual Tax on Business Supplies

Business owners in Utah need to be freed from the double taxation and burdensome compliance costs of the Tangible Personal Property Tax.


Utah Sales Tax Reform: Better Now Than Later

As the economy continues to become more service-oriented rather than goods-oriented, Utah needs to adapt by taxing services and reducing overall tax rates. The result could mean a net win for Utah taxpayers—something for which we are a bit overdue.


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