What COVID-19 has taught us about short-term rental regulations

Should people be able to rent out a portion of their home on a short term basis? There's no reason to prohibit it and coming out of COVID-19, people may need to.

2020 Bills

A New Special Needs Scholarship Program

This year, the Utah Legislature created a new tax credit scholarship program to help special needs families.

Justice and Due Process

Stick to the traffic ticket

When police pull over a vehicle for a traffic violation, they shouldn't seek out minor, unrelated crimes with K9 searches.

Education Empowerment

The Future of Education

As Utah and other states begin to re-open and recover from the COVID-19 crisis, we have an opportunity to reflect on some of the potentially positive outcomes of the massive disruption on education. This is a field that has historically been slow to adapt to...


A Privacy Reform Proposal for Utah

The government keeps getting ahead of public awareness when it comes to tools and technologies that can undermine privacy if not appropriately limited.