Private DNA should stay out of the government’s hands

Utah lawmakers will be presented a simple question in January: should police officers be able to go on fishing expeditions in privately owned or crowd-sourced DNA databases?


This is Why Medical Cannabis Legalization is Important

Let's not forget the reason why changing Utah's marijuana laws is so important.

Justice and Due Process

Salt Lake County Reduces Drug Penalties for Thousands

Salt Lake County is reducing penalties for thousands of drug conviction cases.


Updated Medical Cannabis Law a Win for Patients

In fact, patients are being helped right now; thousands of Utahns currently have legal protections to use their medical cannabis. Those protections were augmented just this week. And the program is unfolding at the speed we envisioned under Prop 2

Justice and Due Process

Utah Judge Not Following New Medical Cannabis Law

A Utah mother is being targeted by a judge for having THC in her system, despite being legally allowed to.


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