Personal Freedom

Throwing Shade on Government Regulation of Window Tinting

Utah law currently has overly burdensome regulations regarding the amount of tint you can get for your vehicle. Libertas Institute has been working to change that in the future.

Free Market

More Disruption, More Fear and Protectionism

Another startup in Utah is being looked at with a skeptical eye from regulators and entrenched industry competitors.


Free Speech is Winning on College Campuses

Utah is helping lead the way in reforming how free speech is treated on taxpayer-funded college campuses.


A Surplus Year of Taxes and Utah Still Wants More

Utah had half a billion tax dollars in surplus. But the money was quickly spent, and then followed by a tax increase. Why?


How Autonomous Vehicles Will Change Law Enforcement

Self-driving cars stand to undermine and make irrelevant many current law enforcement practices and efforts.


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