Free Market

Colorado Follows Utah in Freeing the Market for Minors

The following op-ed was published by Fox Business last week. The Colorado governor signed a bill into law this month that will allow children to operate a lemonade stand. without a permit. You didn’t know they needed a permit? Yes, before this...

Justice and Due Process

The Legislature Talked About….. Sex?

Three different unconstitutional statutes dealing with private sexual conduct were repealed this year by the Utah Legislature.

Personal Freedom

Improvements to the Utah Medical Cannabis Act

Last November, Utah voters passed Prop 2. A month later, Governor Herbert called the Legislature into a special session to pass an amended version of what voters had passed — a proposal that had some additional limitations but still broadly legalizes the...

Personal Freedom

Several Successful Licensure Reforms in Utah

The Legislature passed a number of great bills to help more Utahns access occupational licenses.

Justice and Due Process

Improving Government Accountability

Utahns win with the new government accountability bill passed just this year.


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