You could go to jail for what?

Utah legislature has began to sift through unnecessary laws in order to address overcrowding jails.


Shine Some Light on Utah’s Jails and Justice System

When it comes to data, little is known about pre-trial trends in Utah—but when people are being incarcerated without being convicted, we need transparency to see what's happening.


Improvements in the Medical Cannabis “Compromise”

While we don't love all the compromised parts, here are ten ways in which the proposed agreement is an improvement from Prop 2.


Why are local governments competing with private business?

If true demand for any of these recreation or entertainment activities actually exists, then private providers most often will respond if given the opportunity.


Why you shouldn’t fear the peer-to-peer economy

Utah’s Constitution requires a free market, yet every year it seems that incumbent companies use antiquated laws to try to shut down their upstart competitors.


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