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The Legislative Session is Over

We ranked the most important votes from the recent legislative session to show you how your Representative and Senator scored.

Free Market

Governor Herbert Signs Market-Friendly Executive Order

Governor Herbert signed an executive order deregulating telehealth industry in an effort to control the spread of coronavirus.

Justice and Due Process

Consensual Polygamy Decriminalized in Utah

Here's why the Utah Legislature decriminalized polygamy


Coronavirus price gouging shouldn’t be criminal

Laws that prevent so-called ‘price gouging,’ contrary to conventional wisdom, do little to provide relief to consumers.

Free Market

COVID-19’s Prompt for Deregulation and Innovation

As people around the world are hunkered down waiting for the Coronavirus to blow over, there are pockets of hope and silver linings to be found. From the spontaneous acts of community service to the neighbors rallying together to support each other through a...

Personal Freedom

2020 Improvements to Utah’s Medical Cannabis Law

Here are the main improvements made to Utah's medical cannabis program in 2020.


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