Free Market

But How Business Friendly is Utah Really?

Hidden behind the shiny veneer of awards and platitudes lie a number of policies showing that Utah isn’t as business friendly as it could and should be.

Justice and Due Process

Is the Warrant System Working Well?

If warrants are being issued in mere seconds, is the justice system working?

Property Rights

Eminent Domain: A Fancy Name for Property Theft

Property rights sound great in theory, but the law still needs to be improved to make sure the government can't take your property when it thinks it needs it.


Past and future of expungement reform

The Utah Legislature passed excellent expungement reforms this past sessions, but more change lies ahead.

Free Market

Colorado Follows Utah in Freeing the Market for Minors

The following op-ed was published by Fox Business last week. The Colorado governor signed a bill into law this month that will allow children to operate a lemonade stand. without a permit. You didn’t know they needed a permit? Yes, before this...


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