Where has Utah’s Tax Reform Landed?

The following is a commentary on the tax reform proposal passed out by the Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force on December 9, 2019. Libertas Institute is taking a neutral position on the bill as it stands, while noting that this bill is a vast...

Free Market

Yang’s Tech Policy Has Unseen Costs to the American Consumer

While Americans are not directly compensated for the data they provide to the companies they interact with, they have been the benefactors of cheaper goods and services at a higher quality—an indirect benefit that cannot be discounted. Regulating this...

Justice and Due Process

Facial recognition needs some handcuffs

Facial recognition is an exciting technology in a commercial or research context, but becomes scarier when in the hands of law enforcement. More problematic is the fact that Utah officials have been using this technology without any law governing its use—only...


Stop suspending driver’s licenses for inability to pay fines and fees

Individuals with court debt shouldn't have to continue to struggle due to suspended driver’s licenses from unpaid government fines or fees. Without a driver’s license, reliable transportation is difficult to obtain, making it hard for people to hold down...

Personal Freedom

When Gun Owners Become Felons in Utah

In Utah, you're an automatic felon if you are a lawful gun owner who decides to use an illegal drug. That needs to change.


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