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The Legislative Session is Over

We ranked the most important votes from the recent legislative session to show you how your Representative and Senator scored.


Why the Utah Legislature Banned Police Quotas

The following op-ed was published this weekend in the Salt Lake Tribune. Police quotas will soon be prohibited in Utah. On the final day of the 2018 legislative session, Senate Bill 154 passed the House of Representatives with unanimous support to end the use...

2018 Bills

Stopping the Runaway Train of Fees and Interest

This new law prevents the government from crushing you under a mountain of late fees and interest if you don't pay a fine you owe.

2018 Bills

Driver Licenses to No Longer Be Suspended for Drug Users

A new law stands to benefit over 8,000 Utahns each year, whose driver licenses will no longer be suspended for violating a drug law that has nothing to do with operating a vehicle.

2018 Bills

Utah is First in the Nation to Protect “Free Range” Parenting

Legislation we proposed has now become the first of its kind in the country, protecting parental rights from overeager bureaucrats and police officers.


Libertas Institute Announces New Development Team

Zach Jacob, Director of Development Zach’s first foray into public service was running for student body secretary in sixth grade. Since then, he has served on his kids’ school community council, his city’s planning commission, and has served...


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