Property Rights

Eminent Domain Abuse in the Name of Parks and Recreation

Should the government be able to take your property to build a public park? It's quite likely, there's nothing standing in their way.

Free Market

Unfair Competition: Government in the Marketplace

What happens when the government competes with the free market to provide non essential services? The practice is all too common and it sabotages both the government and the people.

Justice and Due Process

New Tech to Invade Your Privacy

Government agencies are getting new tech to invade your privacy. What does this mean for Utah?


Some needed police reforms for Utah

Ending qualified immunity, requiring liability insurance for police, mandatory body cameras and mandates to report misconduct are just a few of the many policy changes needed.

Justice and Due Process

Police Reform? Here are Past and Future Ideas

Riots erupted over the weekend in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis—a clearly problematic use of force by several police officers. Part of the frustration no doubt stems from the feeling many share that this is a trend that is not...