Protecting sensitive information among changing technology

States that wish to protect privacy rights need to change this by passing clear legal standards for law enforcement to follow that apply to modern technology.


Utah is finally eliminating debtors’ prisons — when will the rest of the country?

Utah is capping the amount of late fees government agencies can charge on unpaid debt—other states should follow.


A New Path for Prosecutors in Utah’s Two Largest Counties

Utah's two largest counties might not prosecute low-level criminals anymore… and that's a good thing.


Utah cash bail rules hurt low-income people

Utah courts are doing great things with the bail system—but new laws are getting in the way.


It’s time to eliminate civil asset forfeiture

For years, prosecutors and police have unfortunately pushed back against reforming civil asset forfeiture. But it’s time to resolve things in a way where all sides can accomplish their goal and be satisfied.


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