Justice and Due Process

Transparency Report Shows Force Used in 2017

Utah is the only state with a law requiring police transparency regarding “forcible entry” (no-knock or knock-and-announce) warrants and the use of SWAT teams. This year’s report marks the fourth since the law was enacted. Here is a summary...


Utah’s Question 1 is just kicking the can down the road

If more money is truly the goal, then let’s stop kicking the K-12 education gas can down the road. Question 1 merely perpetuates a problem—and it certainly isn’t a solution.


Common Sense Healthcare Solutions Need More Than Band-Aids

Most everyone agrees that our healthcare system is broken. Prices continue to skyrocket and affordability seems to be a pipe dream for many people. So what, if anything, can be done to help fix it?

Free Market

Stop Banning All Private Property For Commercial Use

Rockville, Utah has banned commercial activity within their town's borders. This unfair policy hurts the economy by limiting growth and encouraging tourists and residents to spend their money outside of the town.

Free Market

The Need for a New Special Needs Opportunity Scholarship

We've been working with a coalition of different Utah organizations to develop a corporate tax credit that could be used to fund a new scholarship program for special needs students.


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