Meet Our New Policy Analyst: Molly Davis

The Libertas team is growing with the latest addition—Molly Davis, a recent college graduate double majoring in political science and communication studies, who has been very active in liberty-oriented causes.

Free Market

Tax Increases… Tax Increases Everywhere!

Elected officials like to tout Utah as the best managed state, but this is a hard idea to stomach when you look at the many taxes that have been increased in recent years.

Personal Freedom

Transparency Report Shows Force Used in 2016

Utah remains the only state in the nation that tracks high-risk warrants and SWAT team deployments. See what the latest data shows is happening in our state.

Justice and Due Process

New Data on Asset Forfeiture for 2016

The government continues to seize and take ownership of property from innocent people. This year's data shines light on the practice in Utah.


In Education, Small Amounts of Funding Can Go a Long Way

Ever heard of the Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship? It's an important education program providing a few lucky families the flexibility they need to help their child.


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