2015 Bills

HB356: Protecting Innocent Parents from DCFS Taking their Children

This bill passed the House 71-1 and passed the Senate unanimously. It was subsequently signed into law by Governor Herbert.

Libertas Institute supports this bill.

See below for an update.

Utah law allows the Division of Child and Family Services to take a child away from his or her parents or guardians in a variety of situations, including upon an allegation of neglect or abuse. As currently written, the law contains broad and permissive authorities that provide the division with latitude to intervene, place a child into foster care, and even terminate the rights of the parent, placing the child for adoption.

As with any broad authority, this can be—and has been—abused in the past. Utahns will likely recall the story of Parker Jensen, who at the young age of 13 was diagnosed by a doctor with a cancer called ewing sacrcoma. His parents disagreed with the diagnosis and sought a separate diagnosis but the state, led by Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, repeatedly and aggressively intervened to frustrate the family’s efforts—and attempted to force young Parker to undergo the prescribed treatment. The state finally backed down in the court room, and ten years later, Parker is cancer-free, married, and is now a father—a significant fact since had he been forcibly subjected to chemotherapy by the state, he may likely have been sterilized.

Parker’s case, unfortunately, is not unique; Cassandra from Connecticut, Jestina from Massachusetts, and others have been wrongfully and forcefully subjected to medical treatment by the state based on a single diagnosis.

House Bill 356, sponsored by Representative LaVar Christensen, aims to provide parents the right to seek a second medical opinion, and pursue that opinion, before the state would have authority to intervene and force treatment. Further, whenever a child is in custody of the state—because parental rights have not been terminated at that point—the parent retains the right to oversee the medical care of their child. As such, the bill also requires the state to obtain the parent’s written consent prior to administering any non-emergency treatment to a child in their custody.

The bill also narrowly constrains some of the conditions upon which a child can be taken. For example, whereas current law allows a child to be taken from his or her parents due to “emotional damage,” the bill would require the state to show “substantial emotional damage that results in an observable and material impairment in the child’s growth, development, or psychological functioning.”

Further, if the state wants to take a child due to this emotional damage, or because of living conditions that pose a threat, or neglect, the state can only take the child if “the parent or guardian is unwilling or unable to make reasonable changes that would remove the threat.”

Other changes are offered in the bill to tighten up this authority, including elevating the legal standard for retaining custody of the child from a preponderance of evidence to clear and convincing evidence.

This is important legislation provided with input of Libertas Institute to protect the rights of innocent parents. Clearly, children who are in abusive or neglectful circumstances should be protected—and on this point we emphatically agree. However, authority given to state employees who work in this arena must be appropriately constrained so as to protect the rights of the innocent parent falsely accused. We believe this bill reasonably works towards this crucial goal.

Update: Following discussions with the Division of Child and Family Services, the Attorney General’s office, and the Guardian ad Litem office, the bill has been modified in several key areas. The right to seek a second medical opinion has been narrowed with limited language and parents may not exercise this right in cases where the child is at risk of imminent death or health complications. Parents of children in custody of the state are entitled to be notified of, and involved in, non-emergency medical decisions regarding the child, and shall be notified within five business days regarding any emergency medical care performed on the child. For these and other minor updates, see the latest version of the bill here.

  • Guest

    This is not a complete picture. What is omitted is DCFS’ monetary incentive to falsely accuse parents and remove children from their families. And this is not just some hypothetical potential. The 2011 legislative audit of DCFS contains numbers proving that DCFS indeed treats kids as merchandise, trading their emotional and physical safety for federal reimbursements (‘Title IV-E’).

    This outrage was noted by the auditor, but the general leniency toward crimes committed by government agencies (‘respect the authority, serf!’) prompted merely a rebuke, rather than a prosecution.

  • Guest

    As a social work intern, and one who is working tirelessly in other states to stop state government agencies from essentially selling vulnerable children via flawed adoption policies, I support conversation around this issue. The other Guest brought up Title IV-E, and I agree with the comment about this not just being hypothetical. I can attest with conviction that it is something happening in other states. I applaud any efforts to find solutions that protect kids and families.

  • KeyannaJesus

    It’s tiring to see so want kids be ripped from their homes over stupid crap such as having too many tardies at school or missing more than 10 days.

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  • Guest

    Utah Fourth District Court is fraught with judicial fraud. Judges and attorneys lie and trade upon innocent children for cash, without regard for truth and virtue. They strip children from good parents to give them to proven drug addicts and prostitutes that sexually abuse children. Through lies, deceit, and judicial abuse they have caused other children and innocent parents to flee into hiding in order to avoid intolerable abusive conditions. With deliberation they strip families of all their financial resources, leaving them destitute and subject to wrongful garnishment of wages, while enriching themselves fraudulently. They cast many into prison for trumped up charges. All-in-all they are real pieces of work that are good for nothing except to have millstones hung around their necks and to be cast into the depths of the sea. 

    A citizen’s oversight committee is needed that has power to levy fines and imprisonment to persons of the cloth who act outside the rule of law and who disrespect due process. Legislative Family Law Reform is desperately needed, and the money incentive must be taken away from attorneys and judges.

    Watch DivorceCorp on Netflix to gain perfect insight into how the court operates in Utah’s Fourth District.

  • wayne 2622

    yes I am the parent of a special needs child that on Friday dcfs came in to house with a warrant and took my child with out letting her mother say good bye does any one out there know what I can do

  • Blueysbe

    Utah DCFS has to much power. They have these young case workers and investigators that sit on a high and mighty pillar. Who are bias. The investigators are supposed to check all avenues, interview all possible witnesses. In my son’s case they took the word of the mother, never interviewed my son’s family or his neighbors, one of his neighbors is a police officer with a lot to say on this case. When I tried to talk to the investigator to tell her the mother has done this before, she has also made the 6 year old child involved lie her reply to me was i’m sorry but it is absolutely impossible for a 6 year old to lie. Are you kidding me, she obviously does not have children. Then she tells me to basically shut up she did not want to hear anything I had to say. I asked her when she was going to interview me or other members of the family or his next door neighbors. She looked straight at me and said we are not going to interview anyone else we have interviewed the mother and her family and have all that we need. How do you fight a mentality like that? The bold face lies is astonishing. They will look right at you and tell you a complete lie without flinching. But because they have so much power they don’t care, no one is going to call them on it. If a parent tries to call them on it. They all start yelling see their fighting us, so lets move faster and cut all corners and get that child. It’s horrifying because its true. Not a person in power from any other agency will stop them. This house bill started out good, now all these cuts to make DCFS happy, because there is not a person out there that will fight them.

  • JoshNaylor

    Pt 2 Wow!!! They give ultimate power of our kids to these idiots? So my wife proceeds to explain on my moms phone on what causes diarrhea and the brat remedy as well as a diaper rash remedy and acceptable health care providers. That night my wife wrote an email to said genius asking for multiple updates in writing on both kids. They were taken on a Thurs. And she was released and wrote this same day. Sunday evening I get a call from same genius, not my wife, me and get a verbal update from her as well as a court day on Wednesday. 7 days after kids were taken. And I failed to mention Dcfs got involved in 2013 for my DUI and closed our case in DEC 2015 in condition I finished probation and probation was to comply 100℅ with dcfs. Well they didn’t know this until we told supervisor who was meaner and nastier then nasty lady from before. She said we could visit our children 6 days after being taken. The day before court we had our visit in their office. Afterwards we were told to sign releases and both declined. Mine for my closed Ap&p case. My wife’s was for the ambulance and hospitals records. We then informed this horrible Lady of our UA’s from day of them kidnapping our kids. The lady became furious with my wife and asked her what drugs she was on why did she have pinpoint eyes. My mom a nurse of 30+ years ask to see wife’s eyes looked at lady and said they are the same as hours. We were with my mom from 8am to 5:30 pm when this happened. And we found out in court why she was so upset with us not signing the release’s. They lied about everything. Me being on Ap&p, the condition of my kids, wife and self. That the ambulance crew seen a fresh needle mark on my wife’s dirty feet and blisters toes(she was wearing coach jellies) not a shoe for someone that uses drugs with a needle in between her dirty toes. ( not to mention she won’t even request an epidural during the childbirth of six kids with exception to her c-section, the Dr required it. This is due to a severe needle phobia and won’t allow Dr to give shot for almost 36 yrs. But instead of method it was bath salt. Wait, wtf, my wife won’t even use regular salt wtf is bath salt? Sorry I’m 39 and moms smelly bath salts killed me, so I’d know if my wife had them and injected it between her toes to kill herself. I mean come on. Their report said the hospital confirmed it but couldn’t test for bathsalts. So let me get this strait, hippa only applies to everyone else except Dcfs? No that’s why she flipped out when we refused to sign releases. It proceeded to lie about everything including their own previous case, calling ogden colleagues and Jude incompetent, and lying about everything. They said my oldest (7yr old) said we keep our disabled 4 yrs old in a cage. Yeah right. Our 7yr old won’t talk to any stranger, we know from our previous case. And cage our extremely independent disabled 4 yrs old that hasn’t slept in a crib for over a yrs and a half? I got a $100 for anyone that wants to try and live. No way would she have thrived with us or loved us so much or be such a daddy’s girl if that were true. And wouldn’t the previous caseworker have asked about this during a home visit? They lied about everything. Now they said our seven y . Old said I use drugs with a straw when I crush it, this after mom passed UA and hair test. My UA passed, my hairtest? I was told it was too short 1.5 inch top and 3_4in sides and not enough was collected. So the haircut I’ve had for 15 yrs was good for a hairtest in Ogden but not price? Yes I use a straw with my advair since first prescribed I can’t say how long ago, to many yrs, I crush the dose inside discuss put a straw in my mouth approx 3.5 to4 inch and inhale pretty hard. It causes horrible yeast infections in the mouth. I avoid it by using straw. They found a 6 in piece of straw in my wife’s purse along with advair and rescue inhaler. I refuse to disclose that to them again. I told deputy that before. So now we fight cause apparently a government employee can lie her ass off in juvinal court without facing perjury, but you know what? Its not allowed in any lawsuit court!! Just need help because of extremely limited income of ssdi of733$ a month… Help

  • JoshNaylor

    pt 1 Carbon County Dcfs is running rampant and out of control. And their sheriff dept and courts support them. I’m from ogden,both my wife and I are former residents and employees of carbon county. We moved north after a disabling work accident got the best of me. We bought a home in Ogden, a few cars, and had a child. Well I sued the county over the accident and won. During said time my wife was diagnosed with a dibilitating genetic condition, and anxiety disorder from the past came to haunt her after our twins were born at 23 weeks, one passed and the other thrived after spending 6 months in the nicu. 3 yrs later I got a DUI for driving on meds I took the day before, and was given 2 yrs Ap&p. I completed everything and was terminated on July17. On July 23 we headed to carbon county to talk to a prosecutor about a $5500 refund from a case in 2007, and file a wrongful conviction suite for conviction without due process on my wife’s behalf. My wife was withdrawing from a powerful antianxiety med. Her Dr was on vacation. So I had a family member drive us because I had 3 strokes 10 months before, and the oxygen deprivation cost me 80℅ of my central vision and spent 5 days in ICU, Said family member had to leave us at a convenience store to handle a family issue. A city cop showed up and ran our plate and two county sheriffs show up within one min. The harassment began immediately. Saying I drove from Ogden lmao. An . My wife was shooting up meth. They harassed her to the point of breaking and had Ap&p illegally detain me, drug test ( my idea) and threaten me with jail. My UA only contained my prescribed meds from a elite clinic. My wife was transported by ambulance to er because of vitals. She asked for UA as well, and surprise it only showed prescribed meds minus anxiety benzo causing withdrawal and severe symptoms as well as blood pressure meds. I called said family member who had returned before all the chaos and I left my children with. He said that sheriffs deputy took kids from him and gave them to Dcfs. I learned this at er with wife and was infuriated. And we discovered two kinds of my wife’s controlled prescribed meds were missing we told city cop. Then he said aw bullshit I will put it in my report but call dispatch to see about kids being with Dcfs. We did. 20 mins later a nasty lady started abusing us verbally and hanging up on us. Our disabled child has a major oral aversion from the nicu and will only eat one way and we were gravly concerned about. I called and was hung up on 5 more times. They say otherwise, but we recorded everything. Not our first picnic. Sorry. So after 28hrs of calling with no answer, I got a different lady and spoke with her for approx 10 mins and emphasized my disabled daughter’s diet and got her email to put everything in writing, but plans changed. I had to escort wife to er again due to low blood pressure and o2. She went into ICU . I was told to leave the hospital because of fear of admbuse after demanding answers about my wife, price police escorted blind and disabled me outside at 3am. I freaked out and called everyone. When wife awoke 3hrs later and told them no abuse they refused me to be with her. 7 hrs my 56yr old mother grid to pick her up or have her transported north because when I asked for her to be transported the night before, I was told I had no authority. I’m her legal married husband, me no fing right to chose care for my unconscious wife. They actually told my wife she couldn’t go with my mom. Wife said fu and came to me. We traveled with mom back north when mom received a call from WO.an wanting to know why disabled child had diarrhea in her diaper and bad rash. Are you kidding me? You take children from parents but don’t know what causes those things to happen?

  • JoshNaylor

    I will fight to my dieing day.

  • JoshNaylor

    Fight back.

  • JoshNaylor

    So does 7th District.

  • JoshNaylor

    I agree. My former deputy sheriff grandpa is in his early 80s. He said they get x amount for every child they take. So why not try to take them all.

  • JoshNaylor

    So I ask, is my wife or I bad parents for being disabled? Or is this government abuse?

  • Guest

    DCFS is out of control!!

    Recently, Utah’s 4th District Juvenile Judge Barthomolew, appointed by Governor Herbert (currently up for re-election), found me abusive and negligent claiming I had caused​ significant injury to my teenage daughter by​ slapping her​ for yelling, screaming, hitting, and cursing at me because I had asked her to do some chores. It is undisputed by my daughter that she was doing these things. We live in a townhouse with shared walls and because my daughter was screaming so loudly at me, neighbors called Provo PD.
    When Provo PD arrived at my home a few minutes later I was not even home…..but my daughter was. My parents arrived at my home shortly there​after and my mother was with my daughter for many hours following.  ​The Provo police officer claims that my daughter had significant injuries, including major swelling and redness all over her face​, that one of her eyes was swollen shut,​ that she had a busted, bleeding, and swollen lip, multiple bruises, and scratches all as a result of​ me slapping her.  However, both my parents testified that there were never any injuries.  T​he police officer’​s own documented photos clearly ​show none of these injuries, the emergency room report from a few hours later found ​none of these injuries and the DCFS caseworker that met with my daughter later ​that evening​ noted none of these injuries in his original report….though he later altered his report to claim there were scratches on my daughter’​s neck….which the ER did not report a few hours prior. 
    To further DCFS’s mishandling of this incident, my daughter’​s CJC video interview took place at my ex-husband home, in the kitchen with my ex-husband and the rest of his family just around the corner.  They can be overheard on the CJC video​. 
    During trial my daughter even testified that she had no injuries and that she did not know why the police officer was making such a big deal about it.  Paramedics were called at the time of the incident and they did not transport my daughter to the hospital because she had no injuries.  Yet, the court found that the police officer’s testimony was credible and that my daughter sustained injuries from me. 
    My daughter’s therapist testified that my daughter has never complained of or reported any type of abuse or injury to her, before or after this incident.  I have denied slapping my daughter.  Instead I punished her that day by taking her cell phone, and sent her to her room.  However, even if the court found that I had slapped my daughter, it is outrageous that the State would find reasonable discipline as abuse when there was clearly no injury.  It is even more outrageous that not only is a police officer allowed to lie on the witness stand but that the testimony would be considered credible despite mounting evidence that it was not.
    The court further found emotional abuse because, a year prior, I grounded my other daughter from going to prom because she insisted on wearing an immodest dress that her father had bought for her instead of the modest dress I had provided.  The court ruled that I did not have the right or authority to govern what my children wear in my own home and called my actions of grounding my daughter “childish”.  This violates my parental rights and puts the parental rights of every parent in the state at risk.  Every parent should be outraged at the idea that the State thinks they can dictate what kind of dress standard rules parents can have in their home and how parents are and are not allowed to enforce them.  With this finding of the State, no parent could deny their child anything without the threat of being accused of emotional abuse, simply because the child didn’t like the discipline.  This is extremely dangerous for the rights of all parents.
    The court found that because of the above incidences, I had caused my other 2 children emotional damage even though absolutely no evidence or testimony regarding my other 2 children was ever given or entered, because the trial was not about them.

  • Furious mom

    Dcfs has recently come to my home a few times twice no one was home because apparently they seem to think we will be sitting home doing nothing in the middle of a weekday! Well no I work to support my family! My daughter is 16 she struggles with clinical depression and anxiety. I have done everything I possibly can as a parent to get her the help she needs. including 2 1/2 years of therapy. She has been in 3 different inpatient programs and 1 residential program which in my opinion was no different than inpatient because they only kept her for 2 weeks. But if an individual is not willing to do their part to also help themselves then none of that even matters. She has had a few suicide attempts all of which she was taken to the ER for medical attention from there is where they send you to inpatient. She struggles with going to school. I have to go to work to support my family my job starts at 5 a.m. I cannot be home to physically get her to go to school. The time that we were home when Dcfs came they were asking about school. Apparently they had went there to talk to her or so they said. They flat out lied to me saying that the school told them she was no longer enrolled there. I was in the process of talking with the school they we’re looking into temporary options with the local alternative school to help her get caught up on her work because of recent medical conditions. But she was still enrolled in the school that dcfs told me she was not enrolled in. I told them that was incorrect information. They are out of control and should really be saving kids who are being abused and neglected. Not coming to my house making me feel like one of those people. My daughter has recently moved to American Fork with her dad so he can take over for a time I’m trying to find out my rights as he is legally taking primary custody of her. When they come to my house am I obligated to tell them that and am I obligated to tell them where she moved too? If anyone knows anything regarding these questions I would greatly appreciate it. There is no reason for them to be up our asses!

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  • Miss daisy

    Defax does what they want
    Even undermine Court ruling
    Here in Clayton county
    Their operation and goals are similar
    Lie in court, manipulate Drs to hinder parents progress on obtaining court order
    Lie about diagnose through Drs
    Drs working with defax lie under oath
    Wheather or not a patent have evidence
    It’s never presented in court
    They will threaten you
    And so on
    Most of all they will say you are not complying
    While it’s them who ignore you
    Until court date is near
    When you comply
    They make you sign papers which tie you with adaption
    Of course they make sure the adaption part is not there
    After you sign the adaption papers are added and judge signs them
    Any parent in the dept custody is screwed
    Either way
    Because what can you do about it
    Even your lawyer works with them
    Leaving you without legal representation
    This is my experience and m helpless.

    • Hmm

      AMEN!! That’s exactly what they’re doing to us! And there’s zero proof of abuse! They had no probable cause to take my child they lied and abused their power and now my child is in a very concerning mental state! Theyve failed to get her any treatment since being in their care! These people need to be shut down before my child or anyone else’s does successfully commit suicide! Where is all the help?! Where are our constitutional rights?! Why is money more important than ripping families apart and destroying our futures?! OUR CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE!! The press should do a story on this and get it circling the media!

      • Lori Burrows Russell

        I am trying to get enough people together to do a class action lawsuit. Definitely an agency out of control. Email me if interested in participating. Loriaruss@gmail.com

        • Kylar Scheid

          How do i join this cause im done with the constant harrasment from dcfs

          • Julia weber

            Amen I agree I am being harassed and I’m a good mother and my boy takes off in rage because he’s angry and has mental issue and I asked him to stay close no he did not so someone from his class called his teacher and be the way it was almost dark and I sent his brother after him not knowing he left the apartments and area which he was use to going and now I’m told by d.c.d.f that it’s against the law for me to let him go outside and cool off he’s been going outside in daylight for years now and he rides his scooter and always comes back now I’m breaking the law because I didn’t have some law like that when I was a kid and I’ve lived in Utah my whole life. They have the law about kids going outside why can’t I send my boys outside when yes they have disabilities but know how to cross street and know right from wrong and too me are mature in my upinion then some kids with disabilities I was born with a severe disability with no comprehension but because I was kid, made mistakes, was outside a lot with other kids I saw no harm and staying inside would’ve destroyed my very being. Letting kids with disabilities that don’t need supervision all the time even intellectual disability do not need it all the time. I give boundaries to my kids and if they want to go around naborhood I have my boys go together as a team but now they are saying even if they are mild I’m not allowed my boys are not happy being told what to do already but now they are told I or their daddy have see them or go with them I have three teens and one two year old that’s wild. What can I do to protect myself from not just D.c.d.f but from schools or public that accuse innocent parents when teens make choices and happened once.

          • Lori Burrows Russell

            Actually, there is a law that protects parents against this. I believe it is called a Free Range law. There is also a law that allows a parent to get a second opinion for medical purposes unless their child’s life is on the line. It is a sad day when we have to have laws like this to protect families from seems to be common sense.

          • Samantha Butler

            Please someone help me I’m going through the same thing but know my kids are in a bad situation and dcfs just keeps saying that I ain’t complying when I have been I need help please they are going to move to take my kids please someone

          • Matthew Vincent

            Leave the state immediately.

        • John H. Gomez

          Im interested I will be emailing you

        • Mardria Morris

          Please we need go on a walk not a riot we all who are damaged from this i am i a victim of the system i was also tooken away from my mother now they got all my kids the adopted family they put me with sexaully abused us now my 2 year old girls are telling me this im so sad please help me im trying so hard i have no family i just me my real my im scared for more than half of my chikdren i have 7 im 25 im so hurt im trying i dont trust anyone im trying to have faith i need team we all need to get together and walk on this im so hurt anyone down stand up against them we are all profof of being wronged we have eachother someone please listen read this please someone hear me please

        • Samantha Butler

          I’m interested

          • Lori Burrows Russell

            Got your email. I will keep you posted

          • Breeana Williams

            I NEED HELP THEY HAVE taken my kid she was sexually abused at the christmas box i have recorded every time i talk to them or am at a visit every time I’m all the allegation are false and i have evidence to prove it but of course was denied due process when they continued with out my lawyer present

        • Spring Baker Dawson

          My brother is going thru the same please email him at yorglines@gmail.com

  • Linda

    Of course the bill was modified do you actually think that DCFS would give up any power. Not a chance. One responded by saying the lie. That is such an understatement what they do is worse then lie. Example: They put in writing that one child had a broken arm due to abuse. Ok can we see the x-ray and if he has a broken arm why is he not in a cast. No you can’t see the x-ray that is confidential why is he not in a cast. No response. Hold a court hearing were the accused public defender doesn’t show up. That’s ok we will still have the hearing regardless if you have representation or not because it’s in the child’s best interest. In order to get someone to say your child has been abused they don’t take the child to a medical doctor but a un-licensed nurse that will say yes those bruises are not from wrestling around playing brothers but from someone beating the child. Your case worker is supposed to be licensed, but they assign you an un-licensed social worker and say she is licensed. They get very aggressive when they have a family lined up that wants to adopt your kids. When that happens just kiss your kids good by nothing you do will ever get them back. Don’t ever try to have another child because as soon as you walk in the hospital and your name comes up on the computer the nurses call DCFS and say so and so just delivered a baby boy. Give them an hour and they are there in your room saying they are taking your child because of your past with DCFS. Although that case is now closed you leave the hospital without your child. I’ve witnessed this with my own eyes. There was no reason for DCFS to be called. Baby was healthy, but that she was flagged in the system so not but an hour after she had the baby DCFS showed up in her hospital room saying they were taking the baby because 2 years ago she had an open case. Sure enough they adopted the baby out to the same lady that adopted her other children because DCFS lied through the entire case. But of course they never lie.

    • Lori Burrows Russell

      My investigator actually lied in the report. I read what my kids said, and, the investigator added or put things in my kids never said. And, let’s just talk about leading my kids in what to say. Some things, such as my daughter saying I haven’t bought her clothes in two years, were never even checked out. At all. I have a daughter with Reactive Attachment Disorder. She loves to stir up trouble and have allies. False allegations are at the top of destroying relationships. On top of it, my kids all have lower IQ’s. Easily, easily manipulated. And, only two of my kids lied. I have four other kids in the house that have said these two were lying. Been a foster mom for 11 years. Never any complaints. Most of those years were teenagers. The way things are now, when someone asks about being a foster parent or adopting, I tell them to run the other way. It is not worth what DCFS will do to you when these kids lie. And, lying is at the top of most foster kids game. Not afraid to use my full name because I have zero to hide.

  • Brandon K Martinez

    I’m currently involved, with dcfs and today way pre-trial, I am taking my case to trial, because of all the false and made up things dcfs has added into make me look bad, I have only talked with my lawyer at court, and I feel as if they all may be working together. They told me they was going to ask for no reunification after pre-trial, they have made there own decision before the trial, and the judge has even made a decision, they have added may things to my criminal hostory that never even happened, the charged my kids mother with neglect while she was in jail and I had my kids, call me crazy but wouldnt a person have to have there kids to neglect them. Is there and means or help a parent can get to stop dcfs from just making stuff up, and can they do what ever they want or do they have proceedures they have to follow, my kids were taken because my kids mothers oldest that was in my care made up a storie about being pushed out of their apartment to go to school, witch never happened she was angery because she was yelled at to get up and go to school like every morning, so dcfs showed up with the cops and i was taken to jail on a warrent, non of my family was called to yake the kids they was placed in state custody before i was even released from jail 8 hours later, the apartment with was there mothers was a mess but being cleaned ever sense i got in town to watch my kids while their mother was in jail, i was not give the opportunity to finish clean their apartment. Is there any options that a father fighting to save his kids from foster care?

    • Brandon K Martinez

      I can only imagine the new murder charges dcfs will add to my case after they see I am asking all of you how to protect my self and kids from dcfs.

      • Meeto Sexxy

        I am also a victim of dcfs. It has been 3 years and i am still fighting to get my kids back. The court, dcfs, and court appointed attorney all work together. Like i keep saying, they would have no jobs if they worked with us. They love to see people like us so come, so they can ruin our lives qnd our children. They could careless about the affect it has on the kids. Without a paid attorney, we have no win.

    • Lori Burrows Russell

      Had the same experience with them making up things. I actually read the report of what my kids told the DCFS investigator. I even had my older kids read it to make sure I wasn’t missing something. They said the same thing. Not to mention what my kids said was a lie in the first place. I have a daughter that is adopted who has Reactive Attachment. The lying to get back at a parent is at the top of their game. She also convinced one of her brother’s, who has a low IQ, to go along with her. One was smart enough to tell the truth. Her goal was to be moved to another house so she could have a phone. And, she thought my rules sucked. I just hold my kids accountable. I have since been cleared of everything, and, the daughter who orchestrated the whole thing has run away. But, it has left me with an eye opening experience of an agency 100% out of control.

  • Seersha

    DUSTIN DEAN is the YOUTUBE CHANNEL NAME of a homesteading Utah family. They are currently undergoing an investigation by DCFS. Many apparent false charges around and the family is under a lot of stress. PLEASE visit their channel and offer any advice or legal advice you may have. Their contact information is on their channel. Thank you!! Innocent Until Proven Guilty!!!

  • sandra

    How do i sighn up my children have ben put up for adoption told me if i didnt sighn my rights unborn child would be taken 11 yds later they took my 9 yr old and put him up for adoption i have no criminal record and the state tramatized my 9 yr old buy telling him to go read some books in a room and snaged him whats going on with the system

  • Stephanie Mumford

    I’m trying to understand my rights with DCFS. I’m visiting family in Utah for a few months and a Utah DCFS worker is telling me I can’t go home with my kids to Colorado. How can she tell me I can’t go home with my kids when our residence is in Grand Junction Colorado not Utah? She has no proof of why she was called so how can she threaten to take our kids away if we leave Utah with the kids when we are done visiting and return home to Colorado where we live?

  • Lovely

    Dcfs stole my children my precious barbies after losing the kids i was doing so much for them i couldn’t no longer pay for housing last action they took was adoption due to financial difficulties..before they took my children we were happy.beautiful place my children were loved it’s been 6 yrs n I’m a mourning mother of 4 children gone i have my 2month old home with me n it breaks my heart if i leave her side she cries…thank God i have another chance with her but how dare they(dcfs) cause so much heartache and pain seems like forever I don’t even understand why they would want to hold such a job i actually want justice n i pray my children back home some day God be willing

  • Cc johnson

    They took my 8 month old baby 2 days ago due to an allegation and when they came in they didnt find anything at all supporting the allegation but claimed we were a flight risk so took my baby and now i have a feeling the dcfs case worker that took her has her at her home like shes fostering my baby is that even allowed?