2019 Bills

HB 243: Self-Defense for Domestic Violence Victims

This bill passed the House 58-16 and the Senate 20-6. 

Libertas Institute supports this bill

Staff review of this legislation finds that it is aligned with our principles and merits support.

Victims of domestic violence can obtain a protective order in an effort to stop more or potential abuse from occurring.

However, a court order doesn’t stop a future assault. Orders can be violated. Victims need additional protection to actually deter a future crime.

Enter House Bill 243, sponsored by Representative Sue Duckworth. This bill would allow a person who is issued a protective order to conceal carry a firearm for up to 120 days after the order was issued, without needing a concealed firearm permit.

In a moment of need, a victim isn’t able to go through all the steps required to obtain a concealed firearm permit. Further, complying with that process—taking a class, paying a fee, receiving a card in the mail—might alert the abuser and lead to an assault against the victim.

This law would allow a victim to discretely defend themselves in a meaningful way.

  • Statesman Patriot

    Doesn’t the paper that the protective order is written on protect the victim from any and all danger from the person filed against? Isn’t it bullet proof, knife proof, club proof, rock proof, fist proof? (Sarcasm)