First Annual Libertas Essay Contest Submissions

Removing the Illusion of Liberty by Brian Voeks

INTRODUCTION Our elected leaders in Utah frequently tout that our state ranks at the top of national lists such as the best places to run a business and to raise a family. Well-respected publications have called Utah the most fiscally fit state, the most innovative state, and the best state for future livability. Yet despite […]

Liberty Crisis: 4 Solutions For Utah by Allen Levie

I‘ve heard people say, “drastically reduce government from the equation and many of our problems will cease. Then the private sector would move in to solve Utah’s problems—they’d have to.” I agree. I’ve also heard people say, “solve the problems using the private sector first then government will be less required.” I agree again. Yet, […]

Taking My Humanity Back by Robert Hunt

The quintessential libertarian, Murray Rothbard, wrote an article in the 1977 Libertarian Forum called “Do You Hate the State?” In this article Rothbard urges us to radicalism. Of course, this term means different things to different people. Just recently I posted a comment from Rothbard’s article on Facebook. I received a reply from an individual […]

Opt Out and Take Your Freedom Back by Jacob Vidrine

There is no doubt that liberty is in peril in our day and age. From local level all the way up to the national, government is by far the greatest cause of this peril. From thousands upon thousands of pages of bureaucratic regulations, to out of control taxation that the Founding Fathers wouldn’t have been […]

Furthering the Idea of Liberty by Gregory Calhoun

Furthering the Idea of Liberty Liberty, depending on who is being asked, has a variety of meanings. One of the great Founding Fathers, John Adams, described liberty in the following way: “Liberty, according to my metaphysics, is an intellectual quality, an attribute that belongs not to fate or chance. Neither possesses it, neither is capable […]

Sunday Closure–Who Decides? by Austin Butler

Governments should promote a free-market society, in which enterprising individuals create and then grow businesses. A free-market society allows for the greatest amount of economic growth because it is driven by the wants and needs of the consumers. The success or failure of a business is directly tied to its ability to provide a good […]

Utah’s Strange Response to Drug Users by Chris Murray

To protect the privacy of those involved in this story, their names have been changed. For 23 hours a day, Tyler is locked alone in a room with a bed, a toilet, and fewer possessions than can fit inside a trash bag. He has lived here—the Utah State Prison—for 5 years. The Utah State Prison […]

Why the Constitution? by Shaun McCausland

Why the Constitution? Why is it important? I was asked in a radio interview recently, why we have a constitution party – shouldn’t all the parties be constitution parties? In that same interview it was mentioned that some people think those of us who talk about the constitution a lot are radicals. If that is […]

Exposing the Republican Party’s Blind Spot: Why We Need More Independents by Bryan Hyde

The greatest threats to liberty, says conventional partisan wisdom, exist in the opposing political party. The blame always belongs to someone else. We’re encouraged to cheer louder and clap harder at our own party’s pep rally with the promise that our candidate, our party will set things right when elected. But, election after election, it […]

Restoring Liberty is an Inside Job by Steve Barfuss

As I watched heads nod, I felt sick to my stomach. Had it really come to this? Where were the deep thinkers, the principled leaders? Bombarded as we are by a multitude of aggressive and insidious attacks on liberty in Utah and in our nation, I was stunned. The government has overstepped its bounds in […]