How to stop the Common Core in Utah

Parents throughout Utah are wondering how to fight the Common Core—and win. Below, we present a winning strategy.

The problem: a rotten standard

Thousands of Utah parents have begun to realize the problems that "Common Core" presents, and are looking for ways to fight back. They have attended school board meetings, rallies, town halls with legislators, and are voicing their concerns on social media.

While these efforts have helped to educate other parents as to the dangers involved in Common Core, they have not resulted in any changes.

Legislators are suggesting that they lack the authority to oversee and make demands of the state school board, being a separate, fourth branch in Utah's government. State school board members are largely dismissive of concerns raised, suggesting that much of the criticism consists of "blatant falsehoods."

If elected officials won't act, who will?

The solution: change the state school board

You need to act, and here's how:

In Utah, the state school board is elected in an undemocratic and illegitimate fashion. Qualified candidates must first pass through a screening committee that has the power to weed out candidates it doesn't like, for whatever reason. This committee then recommends the candidates it likes to the governor, who arbitrarily narrows the field even further. The resulting candidates presented to the voters on their ballot have had to jump through these unnecessary hurdles.

To fight Common Core, the state school board must be made more responsive to the people.

To be made more responsive, the state school board must be elected by the people—not hand-picked by bureaucrats and the Governor. These elected officials are supposed to be beholden to you, and not them.

Learn about upcoming legislation

Legislation will be presented in the 2014 general session (beginning in January) to repeal the screening committee that currently is empowered to completely reject qualified candidates they dislike. Because the current board is unresponsive to the people, and is fully invested in implementing Common Core in Utah, they must be replaced.

This will not happen as long as the screening committee can remove candidates who want to see serious reforms made.

What can you do?

Share this page on Facebook, Twitter, and your email list. Stay updated on this legislation as it moves forward by providing your email address. Talk to your friends and help them understand the need to repeal this completely illegitimate and unfair process.

Utah voters should decide who will represent them. It's as simple as that.