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Fourth Poll Shows Majority Support for Medical Marijuana

By Connor Boyack

A newly released Dan Jones poll shows sustained public support for legalizing medical marijuana.

According to the poll, 61% of Utahns support legalization—with the strongest numbers coming in from senior citizens.

These numbers are generally consistent with previous polls conducted on the issue over the past year. A poll commissioned by our organization in February, and conducted by Y2 Analytics, indicated that 72% of likely voters felt that doctors should be allowed to recommend cannabis as a treatment option for serious illnesses.

A poll conducted in March by Dan Jones found that 66% of Utahns supported legalization of medical marijuana under a doctor’s supervision. These numbers show an increase in support from a Salt Lake Tribune poll the year prior that indicated 51% support.

That increasing number is ostensibly due to the rising public awareness of the many beneficial uses of the cannabis plant for a variety of conditions, and the willingness of some patients to openly explain their precarious medical situation—and illegal cannabis use.

While a competing CBD-only bill has now been filed, it is unlikely that the same public support exists for a limited option that prohibits THC, threatens sick Utahns with fines and jail time, and denies doctors a beneficial treatment option that their patients need.

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About the Author

Connor Boyack is president of Libertas Institute. He is the author of several books on politics and religion, including the Tuttle Twins series for children.


Really important to contextualize polls in current medical drug regulations.

Should be should medical cannabis regulation be:




...strict as cocaine regulations. 

(currently marijuana is more tightly regulation).