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Fourth Amendment Forum Report

By Connor Boyack

Last week was our first Fourth Amendment Forum — a new, annual event we’ll be holding going forward along with ACLU Utah and the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. The purpose of this event is to discuss new laws and court rulings affecting 4th amendment issues, and more broadly, the balance between law enforcement and civil liberties.

Panelists for this year’s forum included Attorney General Sean Reyes, his chief of staff and general counsel Parker Douglas, Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill, Utah County Sheriff Jim Tracy (and president of the Utah Sheriffs Association), Chris Gebhardt (a two-time SWAT team leader), and Kara Dansky, a staff attorney with ACLU national focused on police militarization issues. Below is the video:

Our photographer also captured a variety of fun pictures of the event. Click here to view the album.

About the Author

Connor Boyack is president of Libertas Institute. He is the author of several books on politics and religion, including the Tuttle Twins series for children.


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